My name is Matt and this is my blog. Pastor of Students and Education, Ultra-Fanatic (50K, 50, 24 & 72 Hour), Marathon Maniac, and Ironman (70.3).

I enjoy reading, writing, and thinking... I run. A lot. Like Forrest, beard and all. I like to eat waffles and drink coffee.... I love Jesus, His Church, and my wife.



        And “he said, “It is finished,” and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.”

        Three days later…

        As they entered the tomb, they saw a young man dressed in a white robe sitting on the right side, and they were alarmed.  “Don’t be alarmed,” he said. “You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid him.  But go, tell his disciples and Peter, ‘He is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him, just as he told you.’ “

        Today is Easter! Or Resurrection Sunday as I love to call it, and this poem I wrote from April 2011 is about those events along with the truths of justification, sanctification and glorification that we can celebrate today because HE LIVES! I pray that this will be a helpful gift as you consider the events of that day with those around you as we prepare for Resurrection Sunday in just a bit!

    Tetelestai! Eucharisto to Theo!
    My sins paid in full, I give thanks to the Lord
    Cried “it is finished” the last breath was taken
    The veil torn in two and Death began shaking.

    Death began shaking, for his time was up too
    ‘Cause Christ pulled his stinger for me and for you
    Christ grabbed the victory from Death’s icy hands
    There’s no condemnation for us to withstand

    Believing, we’re justified, now and for all
    ‘Cause Christ took the wrath from the great fall
    With God we’re at peace from His dreadful wrath
    Our sin for His righteousness, you do the math

    As He lives, so we live and we’re sanctified
    Becoming more like Him each day we’re alive
    We seek to be holy, and love what He loves
    And we tell the story, of glory above

    As Christ was glorified, we’ll one day be too
    Dwelling in glory with no more tears for you
    No sorrow, no pain and certainly no sin
    We’ll sing “it is finished” again and again

    Tetelestai! Eucharisto to Theo!
    My sins paid in full, I give thanks to the Lord
    I say “it is finished” because I believe
    I’m praying today, you will truly receive


    Some Splintered Wood

    I first wrote this in April of 2011 while on a bus taking children with Special Needs to Civitan Services, where I worked at the time. It was the day before I Good Friday and I thought I’d post it again as you reflect on the sacrifice of Christ today in preparation for the greatest celebration of all, Resurrection Sunday!

    I remember the time
    I first read in Your Word
    That You sent Your Son
    To die on some wood

    Some splintered wood
    Was formed as a cross
    You splintered Good
    For I was a loss

    I wondered “how could You?”
    I wondered “why would You?”
    But as I read on
    I found Gospel John

    John said that You did this
    For so great was Your love
    That You sent a Prince
    From His throne above

    He said if I believed
    I would freely receive
    This great gift of grace
    Christ stood in my place

    Some splintered wood
    Was formed as a cross
    You splintered Good
    For I was a loss


    It’s Been Awhile…

    Months ago I added another streak to my waffle streak (currently 412 days) and my running streak (currently 472 days), by beginning to blog each day. The effort was to get used to writing regularly and I gave myself a set amount of time to complete each post with hopes they were remotely coherent and grammatically correct. This was done to prepare me for resurrecting my Seminary career at Southwestern, which I wrote about here. But as I was leaving SWBTS, we got the call which kinda flipped our world upside down…I wrote about that here.

    Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and before I knew it juggling a full time position that’s actually two full time positions in one, a rigorous MDiv plan, a wife, and our three precious kidlets forced my hand into ending or scaling back certain things to make it work. I’m a time junkie, so this blog was one of the first things on the chopping block.

    But with a goodly sum of my papers turned in and only a few more to go, a sermon already prepared for today and tomorrow, and a few minutes to spare…I set my timer for a quick attempt at a post to catch you all up on things in the Henslee Household.


    My last post was actually about “Squeezing Out The Hours” and can be read here, but is somewhat ironic that that is where we left off! At that point, we hadn’t begun potty-training our two year old prince and our baby prince had just turned one and had rrrreally started attempting to walk at that point. We had a pretty set routine and the kids had started to go with Rebecca to the Children’s Lighthouse, where she had started to work.

    They’d get up rather early for this and would typically be home around five, which was nice because it fit perfectly with my internal alarm clock and work schedule. Rebecca loved the daycare and we were pretty happy with the routine, because it gave us plenty of time in the evenings to unwind and enjoy the kidlets…especially since every single day is a gift with them.


    But as I sit at my computer today, so much has changed. CPS in all its glory took well over a month and a half to come through with the daycare voucher and we simply couldn’t afford to throw away $500 a week on daycare…especially if Rebecca was only getting $300. So, after a week and a half on the job, we prayerfully had her quit and enter the greatest workforce in the universe; the stay at home mom.

    Rebecca has thrived in this new role and the kids have as well. We get them up around 7 or so, have breakfast, and three days each week they go with her to the YMCA to the Kidzone while she runs. They also do preschool each morning where Rebecca has been teaching them their numbers, how to read/write, and all of that awesomeness. The afternoons are spent napping and then outdoor play until daddy gets home and we eat, play some more, and then finish up our nightly routine.

    Further, the two year old prince is mostly potty-training and the one year old prince is beginning to walk more and more steps each day…and boy is he fast!


    We still run, we still try to have weekly dates, and we still have our nightly dessert as we reflect on the day.

    I even got a haircut (but no beard trim, much to the chagrin of my mom) and pulled off one of the greatest April Fools Jokes ever.

    I am still the Student and Education Pastor at Inglewood, still pursuing my MDiv at SWBTS, and still crazy as ever…in fact, we all are.